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Core offerings

Technical co-founders and CTOs in early-stage companies have a very different job than their counterparts in larger companies. If you produce custom software, your early-stage CTO is typically accountable for decisions across every part of the software development process. Frequently, this person will also lack experience in many key areas needed to launch successful software today.

I’m here to support and increase the technical expertise in your early-stage company or project. My experience as a Software Consultant over half a decade gives me the background needed to advise my clients on how to make successful software. These services are attainable to my clients through split compensation. I require a minimum dollar compensation based on my evaluation of your startup as an investor. The rest is negotiated in sweat equity. This way, I can provide you the services you need at a price that’s still affordable for your startup.

Scope Discovery

Not sure what to build next? I can work with you to refine the scope of your project and unblock your workstream.

Code Auditing

Want to have an outsider’s opinion on the state of your codebase? I can provide you with that.

Technical Interviewing

Looking for help interviewing potential software engineers? I’ve led dozens of interviews.

Web apps

Need a web app that’s just as functional on your phone as it is on your desktop? I’ve got you covered.

Backend Development

Need someone who can clean up your data management or bring your business out of Excel? I know a guy.

Desktop Apps

Need a modern desktop app in this age of browsers? I can help with that.


Lessons Shared

Founders, Wake Up! No One Actually Cares About Money

  • May 11, 2019

Founders, Wake Up! No One Actually Cares About Money

Those who realize that money is nothing but an intermediary between a person and what he or she actually wants no longer fear running out of it.

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The Slowdown Effect in Software Development

  • April 1, 2019

The Slowdown Effect in Software Development

Unraveling the mystery of what really slows software development down.

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Solving Recruiting through the Engineer’s Oasis, Where Top Engineers Migrate

  • April 17, 2019

Solving Recruiting through the Engineer’s Oasis, Where Top Engineers Migrate

The very best engineers tend to gather in a handful of predictable places in your community. Skip the noise of recruiting and meet your next top engineers directly in their particular places of leisure.

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