Who am I?


My name is Brian McIlwain, and I’ve devoted myself to helping new ideas succeed in software and in business. You may be the aspiring entrepreneur trying to amass the tools or team to help you achieve your vision. You may be technical and looking to improve yourself. Perhaps you’re just looking for ideas on how to get your vision off the ground.

For all of those who can be benefited from the thoughts and experiences of one techie – this resource is for you. Welcome!

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My Story

The Background

At the end of 2018, I knew I had a problem. I had just reached my fifth year of professional software development. I’d worked as a Software Consultant serving dozens of clients in small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies under three consultancies. I had a great career with upwards mobility in the field I loved. My opinion was being sought after as a front-line technical expert on my projects. But, despite it all, I wasn’t fulfilled.

I realized that being another technical resource to large, well-budgeted companies wasn’t allowing me to help those who most needed my work.

That first pivotal day came when I realized that my desk job gave me a powerful opportunity. I was accustomed to working to music, but who knew or cared what I was actually listening to so long as I was able to keep delivering high-quality work?

Over the next 6 months, I listened to every YouTube video or podcast I could on the topics that might show me a way to realize my goals. I dug deep into investing, personal finance, world finance, and business. Ultimately, I figured out exactly what I wanted and started planning how I could get it.

What I wanted was to hep those who dared to try new things succeed in business and in software!

The Jump

Eventually, I realized that my personal values made me better suited for more independent work than I was doing. I started thinking of many potential business ideas. Finally, I put my corporate career behind me. I planned to try to provide freelancing services with a special focus on the entrepreneurs who needed my skills the most.

My First Rodeo

As soon as I left corporate, I spent all day, every day focusing on building my personal network – and for months. I went to any event that I could where entrepreneurs were likely to be. I went to startup meetups, angel and VC investor conferences, and tech accelerator programs. What I found blew me away – practically every entrepreneur was interested in attracting someone like me to help them with their startup!

In the end, I found two startups and decided to try both as a potential technical cofounder. After a few months, I picked one and strapped myself in for my first experience as a technical co-founder. In the process, I learned, made a lot of mistakes, and over time completely changed my opinions on what really matters to launch a successful new business.


Early into my journey as a co-founder, I learned that it’s an all-consuming job. I saw that the lack of good technical expertise earlier in the development process was risking sinking the ship while still in the harbor for many fledgling enterprises. But, I couldn’t personally take the wheel for so many ships.

I realized that the only way I would be able to share my needed expertise with those who needed it most was by putting the most important lessons I learned about software and business out there where they could be found. I decided to go for it!

Now What?

My goal is to create a resource for building better software and more successful new businesses. Many of these lessons are hard-won through personal failures, and many are built on the shoulders of giants. Here you’ll find what I’ve found the most useful for my own projects and ventures. I hope it helps!

Welcome to the community. Keep building!


Brian McIlwain