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Welcome, ambitious traveler!

Brian here.

I was the most unlikely, socially disinterested, purely tech-focused engineer. Yet, I overcame the chasm and found new success by learning additional skills in sales, marketing, and business leadership.

In the tech world, I've spent time as a Software Engineer, Software Consultant, Co-Founder, Hiring Manager, and as Head of Software Engineering.

In sales, I've experienced an even greater transformation. I went from the kid that reads in class all day avoiding socializing to spending two years on a mission - talking to strangers in a new place and new language about Jesus.

That experience prepared me to learn sales in business from a gifted Co-Founder and find my own rhythm. As we found success, I had the pleasure to hire, train, and co-lead a sales team to scale up and then take over our process.

I went back to the software world, where I was able to implement novel approaches to hiring, project management, and career development / mentoring in my time as Head of Software Engineering.

You can read highlights on my LinkedIn or my Twitter.

The most impactful lesson that my sales-focused Co-Founder helped me realize was that the humanizing approach and attitudes that I learned from my mission can also drive great success in sales. Later I learned that these principals are even more foundational and apply across business and business leadership domains.

I help founders improve their sales and marketing through radical commitment to sharing who they are and leading your customers towards the best possible outcomes - for them.

If you hope for an alternative to the shallow and manipulative, my message for you is that humanizing, effective, and enjoyable can work (and even dominate) in business.

Engineers really can learn and even excel in sales.

I'm here to prove it.

May you enjoy the unreasonable results of putting humans back into your business.

Here's to humans!

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